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At the start 16 years ago, Kunskapsskolan was a pioneer in personalized education for school children. Once more, we are pioneering the provision of education in Sweden; this time by offering personalized learning for adults.

The Swedish market for professional and vocational training has not developed much in the past decades. Based on the positive experience of Kunskapsskolan’s collaboration with corporate partners at some of our upper secondary schools in Sweden, our partners suggested we extend the collaboration to education for adults. Together, we have now developed a model for adult education to help students acquire the competence that our corporate partners are looking for.

One of the partner companies offers elderly care. They are especially interested in the KED Program’s focus on personal coaching, since this is a skill that would help nurses become better care providers. Now we have crafted a two-day-course for nurses in how to use coaching techniques, based on how teachers in the KED Program work with personal coaching of students.

We have also extended our established cooperation with Swedish construction company NCC at upper secondary schools, to include education for adults. NCC has great challenges finding and recruiting construction engineers with the right skill set. There are quite a few engineers who recently migrated to Sweden. Many of them have the right engineering skills, but they lack the necessary skills in Swedish, and need to get introduced to Swedish culture and the “Swedish way of working”. We want to contribute to the integration of well-educated migrants by providing complementary education, thus enabling them to fill vital positions in the private sector.

Together with NCC, Kunskapsskolan has developed a one-year education program that combines theoretical courses in language, culture and social aspects, with a practical internship at NCC. The aim is that students will be able to start working for the construction company after they finish training with KED.

Kunskapsskolan’s new practice within adult education operates under the brand “SkillEd”, and is currently active at two schools, Kunskapsgymnasiet Globen and Kunskapsskolan Krokslätt, Göteborg. Long term, our intention is to set up a separate infrastructure for adult education based on the KED Program.

Our goal is to operate broadly over all sectors of the Swedish education system for adults, ranging from shorter programs for corporate partners to public education program running over two years.

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